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The crew wishes you a stimulating flight to the world of minimal beats

Minimal Trip was launched in 2009 and has become one of the most successful musical concepts with more than 50,000 downloads per year, 600 subscribers per week and followers from Europe, Canada, Argentina, Russia, India, South Africa, Japan, China, USA and many more.

This brand new and unique musical concept will take you on a Minimal Trip around the Globe by offering you, for each podcast, a selection of the finest techno and minimal sounds from a chosen country.

As of 2011, Minimal Trip has taken a step further in bringing you closer to the upcoming new generation of talent around the world: Minimal Trip Parties are now part of the parisian minimal scene.

By listening, downloading or attending a Minimal Trip, you will dive into a country’s underground universe and discover its talented producers and artists.

The Official Website also includes news, events, exclusive contributions from our supported artists and allows you to actively interact on the platform.

Fasten your seat belt.

Vol.045 ‘Echoes from Netherlands’

Vol.045 ‘Echoes from Net . .

juin 07, 2013 / 1098 Views / Commentaires fermés

Vol. 044 ‘Refreshing in London’

Vol. 044 ‘Refreshing in . .

avr 14, 2013 / 1405 Views / Commentaires fermés

Minimal Trip & Friends Special Russia w/ Easy Changes (NervMusic)

Minimal Trip & Friends Sp . .

fév 10, 2013 / 1688 Views / Commentaires fermés

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